Wild Parkin to become part of Ever Wild Outdoors

DEAR readers, customers and friends…

We are delighted to announce that Wild Parkin has now expanded to become part of an exciting new outdoors platform called Ever Wild Outdoors.

We’re expanding from the our roots in bushcraft to become something that encompasses EVERYTHING about the outdoors.

Bushcraft and expedition information will now form the EVER WILD PRO section on the main website, accompanied by…

EVER WILD FAMILY – Child-friendly outdoor adventures and activities, family holidays and other wild stuff for the youngest adventurers.

EVER WILD KITCHEN – Easy outdoors recipes plus foraging tips and guides.

EVER WILD HOLIDAYS – The best wild holidays and travel ideas, both in the UK and overseas.

EVER WILD WELLNESS – Promoting wellness via outdoor pursuits and therapy techniques inspired by nature.

EVER WILD WOMEN – A mission to get more women on the outdoors scene and support an improved offering for fearless females.

There’s also a NEWS section, bringing all the latest goings on from the outdoors, including industry and gear news.

We’ll also be bringing you a host of guides and and video content from the Ever Wild Outdoors YouTube channel – click here to subscribe.

And don’t forget to like our Facebook page as well as Instagram.

Head over to Twitter too, where we post all the links to the latest information about everything to do with the outdoors.

However you want to interact, we hope you’ll join us in this huge new chapter!

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