Bushcraft courses postponed

UNFORTUNATELY, due to the current climate brought about by the coronavirus outbreak, it has been necessary to cancel all courses until further notice.

In the hope that the Covid-19 crisis sweeping the globe will be overcome in the timeframe suggested by various governments, we aim to deliver a series of bespoke courses tailored to individual needs throughout the end of summer and into autumn.

If you wish to participate in any of the following courses, please register your interest by emailing us directly – wildparkin@outlook.com – or call 07407 111224

Half-day bushcraft experience – £45 pp
Two-day bushcraft with overnight camp – £120 pp
Bushcraft/foragers walk – £20 pp
Canoe & wild camping trip (one night) – £160 pp
VIP one-on-one tuition canoe/bushcraft/overnight camp – £TBC

Other courses will be made available once we get a better idea of when we can be fully operational again, plus we will be happy to discuss privately run courses tailored to individual needs.

Again, feel free to register your interest by emailing wildparkin@outlook.com or calling 07407 111224 and we will inform you as and when future courses become available that you may wish to participate in…

Thank you for patience during these challenging times.



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