Bushcraft for Beginners Workshop

1-day course, Middle Spernal, Warwickshire

Saturday May 18 – 10am until late (officially ends at 4pm, but you’re welcome to stay for dinner round the campfire)

JOIN us for a day-long adventure in the Warwickshire countryside as you learn a useful array of bushcraft skills for outdoor novices.

You will learn…

Foraging skills: What to eat, what’s useful, and what to avoid

Shelter: How to protect yourself from the elements

Water: How to source, filter and purify water

Fire: How to light, build and control a fire

Food: How to hunt, trap, skin and cook in the wild*

Knifework: How to use, sharpen and care for knife

Ropework: Making cordage, using rope, and understanding useful knots

Sounds like hard work? Don’t worry, there’ll be some fun and games along the way as you are escorted through the day by Darren Parkin – an outdoors professional with more than 35 years of teaching bushcraft and survival skills in the wild.

Darren Parkin, head of directing staff at Wild Parkin
Darren Parkin

We’ll end the day with dinner** around the campfire, discussing and utilising some of the skills you have picked up.

What you’ll need: A bottle of water (we recommend at least one litre), a knife (Rambo knives really are unnecessary – bring whatever you are comfortable with), lunchbox (yes, we’ll be foraging and finding our own food along the way as we prepare an evening feast, but unless you’d prefer to have dandelions – yes, dandelions – for lunch, then you might want to bring a sandwich while you’re still learning how to live off the fat of the land).

What to wear: Sturdy boots or wellies (there are a couple of boggy patches along the way), long trousers, and bring a waterproof coat – just in case.

Any questions or for more information, drop us a line… wildparkin@outlook.com.

You can book tickets here… https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bushcraft-for-beginners-workshop-tickets-58455780814?aff=erellivmlt

* No animals will be trapped or killed during the course.

** Vegetarian option available (let us know in advance).


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