Coming soon: Wild Parkin bushcraft video guides

Darren Parkin, head of directing staff at Wild Parkin

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be teaming up with leading film and production company Definition Media to deliver a series of instructional videos about the outdoors.

We’ll be heading into the woods this spring with a full professional film crew to cover topics like knife sharpening, fire lighting, shelter building and foraging.

Hosting the videos will be outdoors professional Darren Parkin, talking you step-by-step through the basics of bushcraft, and building up to more advanced techniques of survival in the wild.

Definition Media has been a mainstay of video production in the Midlands for more than a decade, producing marketing, promotional, and training films for corporate clients, including PLCs, SMEs, schools, museums and charities.

Led by skilled film-maker Martin Phillis, the Definition team works across the UK managing projects from conception to delivery, with all the pre-production, filming, editing, post-production and motion graphics handled in-house.

To learn more about Definition Media, visit their website here…


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