GEAR TEST: Wild Camping International titanium spork

Titanium spork

Never been a fan of sporks. I’ve been embracing the outdoor life for more than 40 years, and I’ve never quite got on with the idea that something can’t decide if it’s a spoon or a fork.

I’ll head off to the wilderness with a fork, gladly. It’s a useful tool – I can move stuff around the fire with it etc. I’ll carve with my trusty old knife. If something’s too damp for a fork I’ll just slurp it up or use a spoon. Simple.

Have I ever needed a spork? No.

Well, it was a no. Call it age, call it innovation, call it having my eyes opened to new design and technology, but, right now, I’m a paid-up member of the spork society.

And it’s all thanks to this piece of titanium from Wild Camping International.

Two words stand out more than anything when you’re packing for an outdoors adventure – ‘lightweight’ and ‘durable’. Thankfully, the Wild Camping International-manufactured piece ticks both boxes.

I took mine out on three gruelling tests – a mountain tab, river trip and shoreline shelter building – each with their own peculiar quirks that test your gear in different ways.

No need to bore you with the mountain and river – it’s pretty obvious that it would keep the pace there, but the real test for any metal equipment is the rigours of the shore. Salt water and sand can damage kit within the blink of an eye, so it was wonderfully pleasing to see this thin piece of titanium brushing it aside with ease.

It’s very satisfying to put any vital piece of gear through a tough test and see it come through the other side unscathed. That’s the sort of thing that makes it become a loyal companion for years to come. And, you know what? I think this will be.

Go check out the Wild Camping International titanium spork over at Amazon and look out for their reusable bamboo options too.…

And take a look at Wild Camping International’s Facebook page here…

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