A new bottle for the outdoors…

Sistema water bottle

After more than 30 years of doing this, you can only imagine how many bottles I’ve bought and tested. Many branded ‘specialist outdoor’ gear and therefore expensive.

Sometimes I get sent products to test – including many bottles – which are extremely good at what they do, but they can come at a shocking price. I recently had one that cost almost £70. That’s an awful lot of money just to contain water which, let’s face it, is all you’re asking a bottle to do.

I bought this Sistema bottle for six quid last week from Tesco, and it’s the best I’ve ever used.

70cl, flexible, no gimmicky twist-and-pop caps or unnecessary straws. Just a straight-forward bottle with a great seal. If you need to, you can even invert the shoulder cap, stuff it with spagnum moss, and use it as a makeshift filter.
Superb bit of kit!

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